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A Hot Time In Alabaster Tonight

May 22nd, 2008 in Latest News by Rich Trahey

Six months after Pastor Andy accepted the call to ABC, a tragic fire erupted at the back side of the building, originating in the basement kitchen. Pastor later joked that he had prayed for a church "on fire for the Lord," but didn’t expect such a literal answer to that prayer. The fire did a great amount of damage to the building, but it was wonderfully preserved and since has been restored and even improved upon from the original.


Church is Rededicated

Jan 22nd, 2009 in Latest News by Rich Trahey

Seven months after the fire, the building was rededicated to the Lord. The church sanctuary was packed with members of various churches that had prayed us through our adversity, as well as some from the local community, including some of the firefighters who had aided the building’s preservation.


Volunteers are "picking up"

Sept 22nd, 2009 in Latest News by Rich Trahey

Our little church is constantly considering ways we can shine as a light in our local community. One such contribution is volunteering for MDOT to help clean up the local highway.


Let's get together!

Nov 1st, 2009 in Latest News by Rich Trahey

One of the benefits of being a smaller church is the tight-knit atmosphere of our church family. We enjoy monthly fellowships where we can better get to know one another. Our newly-renovated kitchen and fellowship hall facilitate comfortable dining experience.