TIMES: Sunday School at 10:00, Worship at 11:00, Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer 6:00PM

3006 Benson Rd., Alabaster, MI. 48763 - (989) 362-6211

About Us


This little church on the lake has been a light for Jesus Christ in our community for over a century.
Our church building has undergone recent renovation. Although much has been done to modernize our facility, we have retained traditional features, reminiscent of its original era. Our location on the lake gives us a beautiful glimpse of God’s creation, which provides a serene atmosphere for worship.
Our smaller congregational size provides opportunities to know and be known by all. We are a very interactive church, we hold monthly fellowships and give opportunity to participate in weekly men and women’s fellowships. The atmosphere is personable and friendly.
Our church is comprised of a pastor and deacons. Our pastor sees his role as not only a preacher of God’s Word but a shepherd of God’s flock. The deacons take oversight of practical church business as well as work in conjunction with the pastor to make spiritual decisions for the local body.
Our worship style is traditional and conservative by today’s standards. This is not to be equated, however, with "old and dull". We sing songs that are timeless in their value, and we do so with great joy and vibrancy.

  • a faith that looks upward
  • a love that looks outward
  • a hope that looks forward

What we believe...

We Believe...
In the absolute authority of the Bible-The Word of God recorded and preserved by the Holy Spirit (II Timothy 3:16).

We Believe...
In Jesus Christ, The Son of God who died for our sins according to the Scriptures (I Corinthians 15:3).

We Believe...
In salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 10:9-10).

We Believe...
In the Holy Spirit who dwells in the hearts of those who have been born again (II Corinthians 1:21-22).

We Believe...
In the separate Christian life that will bring honor to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 6:11-18).

We Believe...
That those who have been born again have everlasting life and shall not come into judgment but have passed from death unto life (John 3:18; 5:24).

We Believe...
The Blessed Hope, the personal, pre-millennial, pre-tribulation and imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which is known as the rapture of the church. We also believe in the personal, visible and glorious return of Christ to earth with his saints at the end of the Great Tribulation. This phase of his coming is known as the revelation of Jesus Christ. When He returns to the earth with His saints, we believe that Jesus Christ will establish His Millennial kingdom and reign for one thousand years (Titus 2:13; I Thessalonians 4:13-17; John 14:13; Revelations 19:11-21; Revelations 20:1-6).